Original Warm Fuzzies

There once was a psychotherapist and writer, Claude Steiner. Among his writings are:

The title Games Alcoholics Play is a variation of the title Games People Play by Eric Berne that I very much appreciated as a teenager.

The Original Warm Fuzzy Tale is a short story and can be purchased from Amazon but is currently priced at over $30. The printed book (all of the text at least) is the same as what can be viewed online at The Original Warm Fuzzy Tale. The book is classified as a children's story but it is highly relevant to everyone of all ages. It is only 14 small pages and can be read in a few minutes. I hope everyone does.

Wow! Thirty dollars! (For the book.) That seems like a Cold Prickly to me. Read the story and you will understand why I say that.

The first page in The Original Warm Fuzzy Tale says the book is available from proedinc.com but I cannot find it there.

A few years ago, when Claude Steiner was alive, this site (the domain name originalwarmfuzzies.com) also had his Warm Fuzzy Tale but the domain name expired and became available for anyone to purchase. I decided I would and attempt to renew it for purposes he would approve of. I hope he approves.